"A STUnning Debut NOVEL"

"Robert Burke Warren's sensory acumen and keen eye for detail – emotional and physical – make Perfectly Broken a wonderful ride. Fantastic, sharp dialogue and vivid characters, all in a distinctive, captivating voice. A stunning debut novel."

-- Rosanne Cash, multi-Grammy winner, author of New York Times bestseller Composed.  

"HITS ALL the right notes"

"Whether writing about music, parenthood, or life in the sticks, every page crackles with been-there-done-that verisimilitude. At turns funny and suspenseful, heartwarming and heartbreaking, Perfectly Broken hits all the right notes, covering fame and fortune, love and death, success and failure, and fatherhood and marriage. A triumphant debut."

-- Greg Olear, author of Los Angeles Times bestseller Fathermucker

"ROCK & Roll in the bones"

Parenthood, adultery, love, lust, ambition, loss, friendships gone to seed, a marriage at the turn of this century in full tilt midlife madness, with rock and roll in the bones and on the soundtrack. Warren creates a sensory world so sharply observed, the experience of reading becomes visceral. It pulled me in and I didn’t want to let go.

-- Beverly Donofrio, author, New York Times bestseller Riding in Cars with Boys