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"Over the course of a weekend filled with tending to my sick child, I picked up Robert Burke Warren's debut novel, Perfectly Broken, and couldn't put it down.

It's a remarkable reading experience, everything reading a novel should be. You fall into his characters' world and you don't want to leave, despite the rocky road they travel.

What a perfect title for the story. Robert has crafted authentic, relatable characters - including toddlers - that express the tribulations of living with deferred dreams and haunted memories.

Perfectly Broken is tightly written and beautiful edited. There's not a word that shouldn't be there.

After journeying through a turbulent season in one man's relationship to his family and friends, you find yourself deeply satisfied with the ending. I know I will read it again and I cannot wait to see the movie!" - Michael Hunt

"Perfectly Broken is a perfectly awesome read. It's a well-crafted, deeply felt novel. A love story in the best of ways. It's about how the deepest bonds we have can withstand the most strenuous tests. It's also about the emotional landscape of fatherhood, in particular stay-at-home fatherhood -- an underexplored topic in our culture. It made me think about how Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique has become a universal phenomenon, applying across gender. However important it can be to be there 100 percent for a young child, so many of us are emotionally devastated by the pressures of that obligation and the loss of creative or professional focus that comes with stay-at-home parenthood. I look forward to his next book!" - Lisa Phillips

"Forget the great, true-to-life story and the pizazz of the writing, this book actually has sex scenes that are sexy. Lovely." - Mary Mina